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Revolutionizing the patient payment process.

State-of-the-art collections

Who are we
Intelligent Automation

By utilizing advanced machine intelligence, our system removes all manual interactions from the patient collections process. 

Increased Collections

Paper invoices are no longer a viable method of billing patients. We use electronic communications to reach out to patients in a way they are used to.

Cost Reduction

Mailing multiple invoices is ineffective and costly. Our system reduces your collection expenses by up to 60%.

Why it works

Efficient communications.

We take the human element out of patient collections. Your staff will no longer be stuck managing invoices for hours. Our system automatically identifies the best method of communication for your patients and directs them to the online portal.

Eliminating expenses.

We designed this system for one simple purpose - to help providers collect more and pay less. Our clients routinely see cost reductions of 30-60%  from traditional invoicing. 

Patent Pending. Vantage software uses proprietary technology for the purpose of securing PHI through digital communications.
How it works
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P.O. Box 340020

Nashville, TN 37203

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